Vadodara,Gujarat ,INDIA


Improve your bottom line

Going Solar lets you generate your own power which is clean and economical. It reduces your operational expense and protects your business from rising power tariff.

Save environment

With clean energy, your business saves money and curbs CO2 emissions. A humble 10KW system will save approximately 27 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.

Complete solution for business

Telecom, School & colleges. Petrol Pumps, Hotels & Hospitals, Government Buildings

EV Charging Station:

The electric revolution is here

Globally, the automotive industry is passing through a paradigm shift. It is time to embrace electric mobility because of fast depletion in fossil fuels depletion in world, resulting in increased energy cost, environmental concerns and climate change.

As per the Vision AMP 2026, by 2026 the Indian Automotive industry will be among the top three of the world in automobile sector. While several starts and stops of the EV industry in the second half of the 20th century helped show the world the promise of the technology, two turning points led to the true revival of the EV – Gas shortages and Global warming.